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Fixemer Logistics

Fixemer Logistics

We are your partner of choice for complete lorry consignments from and to all parts of Europe, in the Middle East and in parts of Asia.

Profit from our comprehensive network of transport connections.
Since 1951 we have been continuously expanding our international lorry networks – we were one of the pioneers in the development of transport links in Eastern Europe. Thanks to our extensive network of clients and partners and our focus on our core business of complete lorry consignments, we are now one of the most effective transport service providers in Europe.

We always have the right solution for your transport needs.
We use modern equipment from transport companies tested and certified by us to transport your products –
If required, special equipment is available. – Tailored to your requirements. We have cargo space throughout Europe – whenever and wherever you need it.

Extend the reach of your products.
Using a large number of our own trailers, we exploit the advantages of intermodal transportation by sea, rail and road: saving resources and protecting the environment. We can organise today your supply chain of tomorrow.

Service right from the very first mile, in every European language.
Our logistical network is based on individual profit centres, run on their own by native speakers. For our clients this means: Intercultural communication, short distances and fast response times over the entire length of the supply chain.

We can optimise your logistics.
We use state-of-the-art EDP systems to continuously work on optimising your logistical processes. Our modern communication services connect business partners quickly, securely and inexpensively to a network. This leads to a reduction in the process costs and improvements in the planning security of all participating companies. We provide logistics systems for perfect supply chain management.

We guarantee you the very highest quality – in all our services!
The effectiveness of our Total Quality Management system has been confirmed by ISO certification and the safety and quality assessment system of the European Chemical Industry Council.

Profit from our extensive Europe-wide network, pioneering information technology, quality management and, most important of all, the effective and professional commitment of all our staff.

Fixemer Logistics: Your transport and logistics service provider in Europe.